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  1. Nearly four years to the day that Lucy With Diamonds began, I signed an agreement on the first Lucy With Diamonds shop. I am thrilled to be sharing space with Rebecca Williams Ceramics in Draper's Yard, Chichester.

    I have dreamt of having my own retail space ever since falling in love with the jewellery trade when I left school and got my first job as a Sales Assistant in a bespoke jewellers in Chichester. Rebecca approached me about sharing the little space and we met to view it and discuss ideas. Having originally thought we would open the doors in September (when my youngest starts school) we just couldn't wait, or let the opportunity pass us by so we decided to go for it.

    Draper's Yard is a collection of artists, crafters and independent, local businesses brought together by Kay of Clothkits in the Hornet Chichester. 

    I'm so grateful to my ever supportive customers for being so patient with me while I have been setting up a shop in just three weeks. Also to my amazing family and my brother who is working hard not only on stock but carpet fitting, insulating and carpentry to make the shop look amazing. It might be just a shed but it's a perfect little shed. 

    Rebecca, along with myself and Warren would love to see you on the Grand Opening of Draper's Yard on 30th June 5-8pm where all the shops will be open and ready to welcome you.



  2. Lucy With Diamonds was born out of necessity in a way. My work circumstances changed and I needed to make the decision to either get a job working for someone else or start all over again, at the beginning.

    I've been a jeweller since leaving school so changing career wasn't an option. I love making jewellery too much. So I had my tools and a passion for jewellery, I was pregnant (very pregnant!) so I built up a company from scratch, choosing the elements of a jewellery business I wanted and would be proud of.

    Lucy With Diamonds began a few weeks before my second daughter was born. The name came from wanting something that people would remember and something that felt personal to me. The "company" is me, my image, my designs and my customer service.

    I was aiming to start slow and build gradually, but as soon as I launched my website and Facebook page (in between Phoebe's feeds) I met some wonderful customers and my order book was full within a couple of months.

    I am so proud of my little business and love work every day.

    Lucy (with diamonds!)